Our commitment
to diversity & inclusion

Our people are at the heart of delivering our vision for “a better and fairer Salford for all’. Salford is a place for everyone to thrive – a place where everyone cares and everyone counts and we are committed to creating 'a great place to work’.

Our Workforce Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy supports our vision of developing an inclusive culture where individuals are respected and treated fairly, where diversity is celebrated and where everyone regardless of background can reach their full potential.


Diverse ethnicity mix of people



Bridging the gap

Equality & Cohesion

We are committed to making the city a welcoming, tolerant and thriving place to live, and an important foundation of that is ensuring everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential, whatever their background and life choices. The population of Salford is changing and it is vital that our services understand and respond to that.

It’s important to remember that the city has always been home to young and old, and disabled residents as well as established ethnic and faith groups and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities - in short, a diverse Salford is nothing new. Read our Equality Strategy.



Tackling Inequalities in the City
- The Salford Way

Salford is beginning a journey of economic transformation, with the mapping out of the city’s economic future through key pieces of city council work. We’re calling this The Salford Way.

This is a blueprint for strategy, progress, improvement, betterment, empowerment and continuing to nurture local pride.

The Salford Way, it’s what we do.